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ARS Canine Freezing Kit
Price: $259.00
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Animal Reproduction Systems, Inc. Item #: SFCK-101 -

The Canine Semen Freezing Equipment kit contains all of the basic equipment and sample quantities of supplies required to process and freeze canine semen in 0.5ml straws. The ARS Canine Floating Freezing Rack included in this kit maintains the proper elevation while freezing up to twenty five 0.5ml straws at a time. The foam chest is ideally sized for loading straws into goblets and canes for later storage. The kit includes a cannula and syringe for filling single 0.5ml straws. ...

Countertop Centrifuge with 4X50ml Swinging Bucket Rotor with 15ml tube inserts
Price: $1,700.00
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Item #: CTC-101-C4R -

The CM-7S Plus with a set of four conical centrifuge tube adaptors 15 ml is ideal for centrifugation of canine semen. Redesigned stainless-steel inner bowl and motor cover provide new level of safety, reliability and ease of use. CM-7S Plus is your ideal unit for centrifugation of Sperm prior to Freezing or Cooled Shipment. Stainless Steel Inner bowl and motor cover Six different brake speeds. Simultaneous display of RPM and G-Force on LCD Display.  Centrifuge comes ready to use...

E-Z Cushion Centrifigation Cushion (30ml/bottle)
Price: $59.95
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Animal Reproduction Systems, Inc. Item #: EZC-101 -

E-Z Cushion™ is a centrifugation media designed specifically to maximize sperm recovery. E-Z Cushion™ provides a soft barrier for the sperm pellet to rest on during this process allowing higher g-force and longer centrifugation times. Standard centrifugation techniques result in the recovery of up to75% of spermatozoa in the initial sample. Using a cushion will result in enhanced sperm recovery of greater than 95% without detrimental effects on sperm motility or morphology. E-Z Cushion™ is...

Custom Printed Freezing Straws
Price: $21.95
Availability: Custom Printing
Animal Reproduction Systems, Inc. Item #: 537-670 -

ARS' Custom Printed Freezing Straws have professional quality text printed on frozen semen straws. We start with our .5 ml Freezing Straws and print up to two lines of text on each straw. Text can include the animals name, business name, registration identification, date of collection or any other information you want. See below for details. The text is applied using a thermal process which results in text that cannot be wiped or rubbed off. Customers may use a combination of upper and...

Countertop Centrifuge 15ml tube inserts  for Swinging Bucket Rotor (4/pkg)
Price: $112.00
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Item #: CTC-RBA/4 -

Set of four 15ml conical centrifuge tube adaptors for use in the CM-7S Plus Centrifuge.  These adaptors will convert our standard 50ml swinging bucket rotor centrifuge to use 15 ml tubes.