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    The Canine Semen Freezing Equipment kit contains all of the basic equipment and sample quantities of supplies required to process and freeze canine semen in 0.5ml straws. The ARS Canine Floating Freezing Rack included in this kit maintains the proper elevation while freezing up to twenty five 0.5ml straws at a time. The foam chest is ideally sized for loading straws into goblets and canes for later storage. The kit includes a cannula and syringe for filling single 0.5ml straws.  This replaces mouth pipetting while filling the semen straws.

    Working with Liquid Nitrogen while freezing canine semen requires specialized safety equipment. Eye protection in the form of Disposable Face Shields and Safety Goggles along with Cryogloves are available.

    ARS Part NumberSFEK-101
    Kit Contents Include
    Item #DescriptionARS P/NQuantity
    1Floating Straw Rack & Cooler ChestCFR-1011
    4Semen Freezing ForcepsSFF-101-12    2
    6Centrifuge Tube Rack537-7541
    8Sealing Powder for Freezing Straws ( 30 gms)   537-8821
    920ml Disposable Weigh Boat537-814/25   1
    10Centrifuge Tubes & Caps, 15ml (25/pkg)1
    11Freezing Straws, Multicolor .5ml (100/pkg) 1
    133 cc Syringe2