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    E-Z Cushion™ is a centrifugation media designed specifically to maximize sperm recovery. E-Z Cushion™ provides a soft barrier for the sperm pellet to rest on during this process allowing higher g-force and longer centrifugation times. Standard centrifugation techniques result in the recovery of up to75% of spermatozoa in the initial sample. Using a cushion will result in enhanced sperm recovery of greater than 95% without detrimental effects on sperm motility or morphology.

    E-Z Cushion™ is provided in 30ml resealable bottle for easy handling and should be refrigerated upon receipt. Typically between 0.5 and 3 ml of cushion is used per centrifuge tube. E-Z Cushion™ may be dispensed and removed using the ARS P/N:537-501 5ml Glass Pipette in conjunction with a Pipette Pump ARS P/N:PP-125

    Store Refrigerated until use.

    ARS Part NumberEZC-101
    Volume30 ml