• Travel Foal II Syringe Style - Cooled Shipper - TF2-101-S
  • Travel Foal II Syringe Style - Cooled Shipper - TF2-101-S
  • Exceptional performance in both hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Radiant barrier protects inner cooler from the summer heat.
  • Designed to ship either one or two doses of extended semen.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Convenient semen dose report included.
Price: $33.95


    The Travel Foal II™ Syringe Style is designed to be a reliable disposable 48 hour shipping container for cooled stallion semen.  Up to two doses of extended semen can be shipped in the included 50ml All Plastic Syringes (2). Syringe Caps (2) and a tube to load the semen is included.

    Specification   Value
    ARS Part NumberTF2-101-S

    Dose Container Type   

    50ml Syringe w/Cap

    Weight3.6 lbs
    Length13 "
    Width10 "
    Height10 "
    Max shipping volume120 ml
    Quantity   Description Replacement Part Number
    1Travel Foal II Shipper Cup StyleTF2-101-S
    1Foam Refrigerant BrickTF2-RB/2 (pack of 2)
    1Thermal Shield Foam
    2Sterile All Plastic Syringe, 50ml with Cap544B-00004/30 (pack of 30)
    1Semen Loading Tube
    1Instruction Sheet / Cooled Dose Report Sheet.