New in July 2024! The Hamilton Biovet Equitainer product line is now a part of Animal Reproduction Systems.

Freezer Cans are now available

Equitainer with internal components

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Equitainer I Shipper, Tube Style
Price: $335.00
Availability: Back Order.
Item #: EQSH-TUBE-101 -

Perfect for international shipping and for those times when you need an extra cushion of time, the Equitainer I offers the longest maintenance of your shipped semen. (We even had one customer tell us that a shipment delivered 5 days post-collection, due to a customs delay, still resulted in conception!) The Equitainer I also provides the highest level of protection against potential x-ray induced damage of the enclosed semen sample..The Equitainer I has been designed to provide durability,...

Equitainer Freezer Can, 2/pkg
Price: $39.50
Availability: In Stock
Animal Reproduction Systems, Inc. Item #: EQ-FC-101/2 -

Replacement freezer cans for the Equitainer I Shipper.  

Replacement Isothermalizer for Equitainer I Shipper
Price: $105.00
Availability: Back Order.
Item #: EQ-ITC-TUBE -

Replacement tube style Isothermalizer for Equitainer I.

Specimen Cup 8oz Sterile (3-Pack) for Equitainer
Price: $14.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EQ-SC-101/3 -

Replacement 8oz Specimen cup for the Equitainer - Cup Style. Specimen cups are individually packaged and sterile.