• Maintains temperature longer than other AV's
  • Includes supplies for 25 collections
  • A $1160 Value
Price: $789.00


    This Standard Kit contain a 22" Artificial Vagina Case with Small Cuff and all equipment required to collect stallion semen In addition, this Kit includes all a selection of latex liners and enough disposable supplies for the first 25 collections. Additional disposable and replacement supplies may be ordered in convenient quantities as desired

    The CSU Model™ Equine Artificial Vagina is sold by Animal Reproduction Systems under exclusive license with the Colorado State University Foundation. The CSU Model™ is the product of joint research and testing by Animal Reproduction Systems and the Colorado State University Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory.

    ARS Part NumberEAVK-110
    Weight AV Alone4.4 lbs
    Weight AV with Bladder (empty)5.0 lbs
    Weight AV Filled to Accommodate Stallion      22.5 lbs
    Artificial Vagina Case Diameter6.25 "
    Small Cuff Diameter7.0 "
    Large Cuff Diameter7.9 "

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    QuantityDescription22" Standard AV Kit
    1Small Cuff Equine AV Case and Filler CapSAV-103
    1Tubular Latex Rubber BladderSAVB-104
    1Rubber Bands (10/pkg)RB-7/10
    1Reusable Latex Collection Liner, StraightRAVL-102
    1Reusable Latex Collection Liner, FlaredRAVL-103
    1Reusable Latex Collection Liner, Round, CreaselessRAVL-201
    1Disposable Collection Liners, Soft (25/pkg)SAVL-102/25
    1Disposable Nylon Mesh Gel Filter (25/pkg)SAVF-102/25
    1Disposable Collection Bottle, 200 ml (25/pkg)SCB-200/25
    1Collection Bottle Coupling Nut (25/pkg)SCN-101/25
    1Surgilube Lubricating Jelly (4 oz. tube)SSL-101
    1Priority Care Lubricating Jelly (5 oz. tube)PCSL-101
    1HR Lubricating Jelly (4 oz. tube)HRL-101
    1Collection Bottle CoverCBC-101
    1Plastic Clamp, 45 mmBPC-118
    1Plastic Clamp, 165 mmBPC-165
    1Vinyl Wrist Length Exam Gloves, (25 Small, 25 Medium, 25 Large)   WLVG-108-ASSORT
    1Palpation Glove/Sleeve Shoulder Length, 34" (200/box)SLG-108-BOX/200
    1"Techniques in Equine Reproduction" Book537-342