• Maintains temperature longer than other AV's
  • Includes supplies for 25 collections
  • A $1108 Value
Price: $730.00


    This Standard Kit contains a 12" Artificial Vagina Case with Large Cuff and related equipment required to collect stallion semen. Also included is a selection of latex liners and enough disposable supplies for the first 25 collections has been included. Additional disposable and replacement supplies may be ordered in convenient quantities as desired.

    The CSU Model™ Equine Artificial Vagina is sold by Animal Reproduction Systems under exclusive license with the Colorado State University Foundation. The CSU Model™ is the product of joint research and testing by Animal Reproduction Systems and the Colorado State University Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory.

    ARS Part NumberEAVK-103
    Weight AV Alone2.0 lbs
    Weight AV with Bladder (empty)2.4 lbs
    Weight AV Filled to Accommodate Stallion      10.5 lbs
    Artificial Vagina Case Diameter6.25 "
    Small Cuff Diameter7.0 "
    Large Cuff Diameter7.9 "
    Quantity   Description19" Standard AV Kit
    1Large Cuff Equine AV Case and Filler CapSAV-102-19
    2Tubular Latex Rubber BladderSAVB-104-19
    1Rubber Bands (10/pkg)RB-7/10
    2Reusable Latex Collection Liner, StraightRAVL-102-19
    1Reusable Latex Collection Liner, FlaredRAVL-103-19
    1Reusable Latex Collection Liner, Round, CreaselessRAVL-201-19
    1Disposable Collection Liners (10/pkg)SAVL-101-19/10
    1Disposable Collection Liners, Extra Soft (10/pkg)SAVL-102-19/10
    1Disposable Collection Liners, Durasoft (10/pkg)SAVL-103-19/10
    1Disposable Nylon Mesh Gel Filter (25/pkg)SAVF-102/25
    1Disposable Collection Bottle, 200 ml (25/pkg)SCB-200/25
    1Collection Bottle Coupling Nut (25/pkg)SCN-101/25
    1Surgilube Lubricating Jelly (4 oz. tube)SSL-101
    1Priority Care Lubricating Jelly (5 oz. tube)PCSL-101
    1HR Lubricating Jelly (4 oz. tube)HRL-101
    1Collection Bottle CoverCBC-101
    1Plastic Clamp, 45 mmBPC-118
    1Plastic Clamp, 165 mmBPC-165
    1Vinyl Wrist Length Exam Gloves, (25 Small, 25 Medium, 25 Large)   WLVG-108-ASSORT
    1Palpation Glove/Sleeve Shoulder Length, 34" (200/box)SLG-108-BOX/200
    1Rolled Utility CottonRUC-101
    1"Techniques in Equine Reproduction" Book537-342