• For 12" CSU Model? AV
  • Reusable
  • Preferred by many stallions
  • Ready-To-Use
Price: $151.50


    The Ready-To-Use Round Reusable Latex Collection Liner is specifically designed to fit the 12" CSU Model? AV. This Liner is made on a  round form which produces a "creaseless" liner. The Round Liner has a tapered end which connects to the Collection Bottle. Round Latex Collection Liners are preferred by many stallions over both disposable collection liners and other reusable latex liners. In rare cases, use of a latex liners may reduce sperm motility. To minimize this effect, all Ready-To-Use liners have been preconditioned prior to shipment and is ready to be used.   

    ARS Part Number RAVL-201-12-RTU
    Designed for AV Length12 "
    Designed for Artificial Vagina Diameter   6.25 "
    Length of Liner23 " - 25 "