• Inexpensive
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Will enhance fertility of most stallions
  • Contains Amakacin
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    E-Z Mixin10® -"CST" is our popular cooled, stored and/or transported extender with the addition of Potassium Penicillin G in a pull-apart capsule. The combination of Amikacin and Potassium Penicillin G has been shown to increase motility in some stallions.

    This advanced formula is unlike any other extender on the market. Evaluation by the Colorado State University Animal Reproduction and Biomedical Laboratory has shown this formula to maintain motility during cooled storage for up to 72 hours. A per cycle pregnancy rate of 75 % was achieved after insemination with cooled semen extended in the new EZ-Mixin 10 Extender.

    E-Z Mixin® Semen Extenders are sold individually or in case lots. Each "CST" kit consists of two components: Component A is a plastic bottle of USP purified water and Component B is a hermetically sealed packet containing the dry powder formula.

    ARS Part NumberEZM10-CST
    Volume per bottle   125 ml