• Inexpensive
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Will enhance fertility of most stallions
  • Contains Amakacin
  • Case of 24
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    E-Z Mixin® -"CST" contains the antibiotic Amikacin and is recommended for cooled semen programs where the semen must be stored for extended periods and/or transported. E-Z Mixin® "CST" is also ideal for immediate on-farm use when an extender without Polymyxin B Sulfate is desired.

    E-Z Mixin® Semen Extenders are sold individually or in case lots. Each "CST" kit consists of two components: Component A is a plastic bottle of USP purified water and Component B is a hermetically sealed packet containing the dry powder formula.

    ARS Part NumberEZM-CST/24
    Volume per bottle   125 ml
    Bottles per case24