• Inexpensive
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Will enhance fertility of most dogs
  • Contains Potassium Penicillin G
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    E-Z Mixin® -"BF+" is our Basic formula with the addition of Potassium Penicillin G in a pull-apart capsule. This formula may be preferred in special situations where the use of Potassium Penicillin G only is desired.

    E-Z Mixin® Semen Extenders are sold individually or in case lots. Each "BF+" + kit consists of three components: Component A is a plastic bottle of USP purified water, Component B is a hermetically sealed packet containing the dry powder formula and Component C is a pull-apart capsule that contains the antibiotic.

    ARS Part NumberEZMCP-BF
    Volume per bottle   125 ml