• Maintains temperature longer than other AV's
  • Easy to clean between uses
  • Rigid construction allows easy manipulation for additional stimulation
Price: $310.00


    The 19" CSU Model™ AV Case with small cuff is the smallest Colorado Model AV available. The small cuff allows for easier installation of of round and flat liners in comparison to the large cuff model. 

    Weight AV Alone3.5 lbs
    Weight AV with Bladder (empty)4.3 lbs
    Weight AV Filled to Accommodate Stallion      18.8 lbs
    Artificial Vagina Case Diameter6.25 "
    Small Cuff Diameter7.0 "

    AV Assembly Overview can be found here (Will be opened in a new tab)

    The "Techniques in Equine Reproduction", 6th Edition book is an excellent resource that includes a chapter on assembling the Colorado AV.