• For 22" CSU Model? AV
  • Reusable
  • Preferred by many stallions
Price: $121.50


    The Round Reusable Latex Collection Liner is specifically designed to fit the 22" CSU Model? AV. This Liner is made on a  round form which produces a "creaseless" liner. The Round Liner has a tapered end which connects to the Collection Bottle. Round Latex Collection Liners are preferred by many stallions over both disposable collection liners and other reusable latex liners. In rare cases, use of a latex liners may reduce sperm motility. To minimize this effect, all latex liners must be preconditioned prior to the first use, and correctly washed after each subsequent use. Included with each shipment are the recommended procedures for this process, which will take approximately two days.

    Animal Reproduction Systems also sells "Ready-To-Use" Round Reusable Latex Collection Liners for customers who would rather skip the preconditioning process.  The preconditioning process is outlined on the Additional Information tab.

    ARS Part Number RAVL-201
    Designed for AV Length22 "
    Designed for Artificial Vagina Diameter   6.25 "
    Length of Liner34" - 36"

    Preconditioning New Latex Liners

    Latex liners must be preconditioned prior to first use (Ready To Use liners DO NOT need to be preconditioned). Supplies required for this procedure are; distilled or deionized water (3 to 5 gallons), perfume/dye free liquid detergent (Example: Liquid Cheer Free?).

    1. Turn liner(s) inside out so that the side that comes into contact with the semen is exposed.

    2. Place the liner(s) in a clean washing machine (not the washing machine used in the barn).

    3. Turn liner(s) inside out so that the side that comes into contact with the semen is exposed.

    4. Add a liquid detergent that contains no dyes or perfumes inside the washing machine with the liners. Follow recommendations using the amount specified for a full load.

    5. Set the washing machine to warm wash/warm rinse and heavy load. Use the longest cycle with an extra rinse, if available.

    6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for a total of five wash cycles.

    7. Rinse the liner(s) using the above machine settings for five additional complete cycles. Do not add detergent.

    8. Place the liners lengthwise in a plastic container and add 3 to 5 gallons of distilled or deionized water. The liner(s) should be completely submerged. A heavy object inside a zip lock bag may be placed on top of the liners. Cover the container and soak the liners for 24 hours.

    9. Rinse liners thoroughly with fresh distilled or deionized water by placing the liners in a tub and running the water through them several times.

    10. Rinse each liner separately, twice, in a second tub filled with fresh distilled or deionized water.

    11. Hang the liners to dry in a dust free cabinet. Liners are dry when they return to natural color and there are no observable white marks on them. Liners that are not dry may become sticky and difficult to pull apart.