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E-Z Freezin™ LE-LG (less glycerol) extender is recommended for problem stallions that do not ship well in other cooled semen extenders. Ideal for high value stallions that do not ship well in other traditional cooled semen extenders. The LE-LG version has a high percentage of egg yolk and the MFR5-LG version combines both egg yolk and nonfat dry milk. Both of these extenders contain the antibiotic Ticarcillin.

E-Z Freezin™ LE-LG is available in 5-packs of 15ml packets for a total volume of 75ml.

E-Z Freezin® shipments requires the selection of a shipping container. For shipments of one to four 5-packs  click here. For shipments of five to fifteen 5-packs click here.