• Designed for the 22" CSU AV
Price: $315.00


    The E-Z Boy™ Artificial Vagina Assembly Stand provides a convenient workplace for the assembly of the 22" CSU Model™ AV. The stand is lightweight (10 lbs. assembled), durable and constructed for quick assembly. Designed to cradle the 22" AV, the E-Z Boy™ AV Assembly Stand allows the 360° rotation of the AV for easy bladder and liner installation. Its wide stance provides tip-over resistance and adjustable safety straps hold the AV firmly in place.

    ARS Part Number   EZB-101
    Weight10 lbs

    Though Designed for the 22" CSU Model Artificial Vagina, the Colorado State Equine Reproduction Laboratory has found the E-Z Boy can be used with the 19" CSU Model Artificial Vagina as well.