• Deluxe Foaling Kit - AFK-201
  • Deluxe Foaling Kit - AFK-201
  • Deluxe Foaling Kit - AFK-201
  • Includes E-Z Breather 
  • Includes Equine Colostrum Refractometer
Price: $429.00


    When preparing for foaling season, it is recommended that mare owners have certain equipment and supplies on hand in preparation for a routine foaling or if an emergency situation occurs.

    The ARS DEluxe Foaling Kits contain all the essential supplies needed for routine management of the late-term mare and newborn foal, conveniently packaged in a portable box. Each kit includes the "Techniques In Equine Reproduction" book which includes chapters on pregnant mares, foaling and foal care. In addition, the deluxe kit includes a Foal Resuscitator or Equine Colostrum Refractometer.

    To help insure a successful birth it is important to work out a foaling plan with your veterinarian in advance. It is recommended that owners receive specific instructions or training from their regular veterinarian regarding appropriate use of obstetrical equipment, recognition of complications of the foaling process, and medical care of the newborn foal.

    ARS Part NumberAFK-101
    QuantityDescriptionReplacement P/N
    1Plastic Toolbox
    1"Techniques In Equine Reproduction" Book537-342
    1Surgilube Sterile Lube, 4.25 oz, Flipcap TubeSSL-101/12
    2Glove, Plastic, 39" Sens Standard-Hand,Sterilzed, Individually Packaged SLG-106/25
    2Glove, Plastic, 35" Sens Vet-Hand,Sterilized, Individually Packaged  SLG-107/25
    2Naval Dipping Tube, Cap, Label, 50ml537-806/25
    4Vinyl Glove, Wrist Length, LargeWLVG-108-L/100
    4Vinyl Glove, Wrist Length, MediumWLVG-108-M/100
    1Fast Reading Digital ThermometerTHM-105
    11% Chlorhexidine Solution, 8 oz BottleCSD-101
    1Cord, Nylon, 1/8" DIA, 48" LengthCN-48/6
    1Scissors, Stainless Steel, Mayo, 7"CS-101
    2Umbilical Tape, 12" LengthUC-101/10
    2Equine Umbilical ClampPCSL-101
    12% Chlorhexidine Scrub, 4 oz BottleCS2-101
    4NI Test Submission Form
    1Plastic Drawstring Bag-Foaling Kit
    1ARS Terry Towel, Blue, Approx. 20" x 40"TTB-101/6
    1Dosing Syringe, Catheter Tip, 60ccDS-60/20
    4Cotton Gauze Square, 4" x 4"CG-44/200
    2Fleet EnemaFE-101/4
    1Predict-A-Foal Test KitPAF-101
    1Colostrum Storage Bottle W/Cap, Label, 250ml, Sterile, Plastic  537-800/6
    1Measuring Cup, Plastic, 500mlPMC-101-500
    1Stethoscope, Double-HeadDHS-101
    1Nylon Obstetrical Strap, 60"NOS-60
    1Nasal AspiratorNA-101
    4Folding Disposable Funnel, "Mini" SizeFDF-101-MINI/12
    1Equine Colostrum RefractometerECR-101
    1E-Z Breather Foal ResuscitatorEB-101