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    The Mare Breeding Hobbles Hock Strap Assembly for average and large mares is constructed of nylon webbing with fleece-lining and are easy to use.

    See Additional Information tab for sizing chart.

    ARS Part Number     542A-403

    To select the correct size hobbles for the mare, two measurements should be made. First, measure the mare's height in hands from the ground to the top of the withers. Next, weigh the mare using either a livestock scale or weight tape. Refer to the chart to select the correct size.

    Mare SizeSmall
    12-14 Hands    
    500-800 lbs
    14-16 Hands   
    800-1,200 lbs   
    Above 16 Hands   
    Above 1,200 lbs   
    Mare Breeding Hobbles Part Number      542S-400542A-400542L-400
    Replacement Parts
    542A-401 Collar AssemblyXXX
    542A-402 Breast Strap AssemblyXXX
    542S-403 Hock Strap, SmallX
    542A-403 Hock Strap, AverageXX
    542A-404 Rope Assembly, AverageXX
    542L-404 Rope Assembly, LargeX
    542-406 User's GuideXXX