• 591C Stallion Sperm Counter Kit - DENK-1201
  • 591C Stallion Sperm Counter Kit - DENK-1201
  • 591C Stallion Sperm Counter Kit - DENK-1201
  • NEW Bright Display
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Self Calibrating
  • Built-in "Expert System"
  • Automatic Calculations
  • Multiple calibrations for other species available
  • Upgradable for Foal IgG analysis
  • Faster Warmup
  • Windows 10/11 Compatible
Price: $2,995.00


    The 591C Densimeter with the stallion calibration is designed to quickly and accurately estimate sperm concentration and automatically perform all calculations required to create appropriate insemination doses. A built-in "Expert System" provides simple step-by-step instructions for evaluating semen for both on-farm (Immediate Use) and Cooled Storage / Transported (Cooled and Shipped) doses. These instructions follow semen processing protocols developed by the Colorado State University Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory.

    Both semen processing protocols use the measured sperm concentration and two user entered values (gel-free semen volume and progressive motility) as input for insemination dose calculations. The built-in Expert System recommends the number of progressively motile sperm cells, calculates the total number of available doses, volume of gel-free semen and recommended volume of extender for each insemination dose. All parameters used in these calculations can be easily modified to provide maximum flexibility for the skilled equine practitioner.

    The 591C Stallion Sperm Counter Kit includes a universal power supply (120V / 240V operation), instruction manual, required peripheral equipment, Calibration Loader CD, and a copy of ARS's publication "Techniques in Equine Reproduction". Disposable supplies are included for the first 100 tests. 

    ARS Part NumberDENK-1201
    Height4.5 "
    Width9.0 "
    Length80 "
    Weight2.6 lbs (Densimeter only)
    External Power Supply       100 - 240 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz input, 12V DC 1.0A output.
    Storage Capacity300 Collections and 250 Stallions.

    The 591C Densimeter is a multipurpose instrument capable of quick, accurate estimations of stallion sperm concentration and/or foal IgG antibody levels. Each Densimeter kit is pre-loaded with the calibrations necessary for the specified operation. 

    The 591C Densimeter can hold up to eight calibrations at a time and additional calibrations may be purchased and loaded as needed. Alternate species and other unique calibrations are available for Canine, Bulls, Boars, Roosters, and Turkeys.

    The 591C Densimeter is housed in a sturdy, lightweight plastic casing, measuring 9"x8"x4" with an approximate weight of 2 lbs. The front panel consists of a 20-button keypad and an illuminated liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. Located on the back is the power switch, power receptacle and a USB communications port.

    A 12 volt car adapter, additional species calibrations, semen processes or alternate tests may be purchased separately from Animal Reproduction Systems.

    The 591C Densimeter features a temperature stabilized optical system which increases accuracy of the device.  An audible alarm is built-in to announce when a test is complete and test results can be stored internally for later download. In addition, automatic calibration adjustments are performed before each test, eliminating the need for any additional calibration procedures.

    Included on the Calibration Loader CD is the Densimeter Data Utility. This utility program downloads test data from the 591 Densimeter and stores the results into Excel spreadsheets or advanced database applications.

    QuantityDescriptionPart Number
    1591 Equine Densimeter591C-MOD1
    1180 ul Fixed Volume Positive Displacement Pipette     594KR-1800
    1Disposable Pipettor Tips (Racked)594TR-R/100
    1Formalin Dispenser537-202
    1Disposable Plastic Cuvettes & Caps (100/box)537-204-205/100
    1Formalin 10 Solution (500 ml)FRM-101
    1591C Instruction Manual591C-135
    1Power Supply with Cord537-811-
    1USB 2.0 Serial Cable537-796
    1Calibration Software Flash Drive591-137-3.0
    1"Techniques for Equine Reproduction" Book537-342