• Quick Accurate Sperm Concentration Measurement
  • Battery Operated
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Self Calibrating
  • Upgrade to add Foal IgG tesing available
Price: $2,800.00


    The 590B Densimeter, with the stallion calibration, provides quick, affordable, and accurate sperm concentration measurements. This simple two button device has the same superior accuracy as all other ARS "Blue Box" Densimeters.

    The Stallion Sperm Counter Kit includes the 590B Densimeter, stallion sperm concentration calibration, and all equipment and supplies to perform the first 100 measurements. Replacement supplies are available and may be purchased in convenient quantities. ARS also offers a Foal IgG Upgrade Kit for the 590B Equine Sperm Counter which will allow it to measure both stallion semen concentration and foal IgG levels.

    ARS Part Number   DENK-1001
    Height3.5 "
    Width5 "
    Length7 "
    Weight1.5 lbs (Densimeter only)
    External Power Supply     100 - 240 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz input, 12V DC 0.8A output.
    Battery4 X AA NiMH rechargeable or single use batteries

    The 590B Densimeter is a multipurpose instrument capable of quick, accurate estimations of stallion sperm concentration and/or Foal IgG antibody levels. Each Densimeter kit is pre-loaded with the calibration for the specified operation. The 590B Densimeter can hold two calibrations at a time and additional calibrations may be purchased and loaded as needed. This Densimeter also includes a built-in function to directly displays the optical transmission percentage of the sample. Alternate species calibrations are available for the 590B Densimeter to measure Bull, Boar, Canine, Rooster, and Turkey sperm concentration.

    All calculations on processing semen must be performed manually unless the 590B Densimeter is connected to a computer running the optional E-Z Records™ Equine Software. E-Z Records™ Equine Software must be purchased separately.

    The 590B Densimeter / E-Z Records™ Equine software combination will solve the same calculations performed by its larger cousin, the 591B Densimeter. This combination is also designed to keep track of information about the farm, stallions, collections, doses and booked mares for the user. Convenient reports on each collection, stallion, and mare may be printed, as well as dose shipment reports.

    QuantityDescriptionPart Number
    1590B Equine Densimeter590B-MOD1
    1180 ul Fixed Volume Positive Displacement Pipette594KR-1800
    1Disposable Pipettor Tips (Racked)594TR-R/100
    1Formalin Dispenser537-202
    1Disposable Plastic Cuvettes & Caps (100/box)537-204-205/100
    1Formalin 10 Solution (500 ml)FRM-101
    1591B Instruction Manual591B-135
    1Power Supply with Cord537-684
    1USB 2.0 Serial Cable537-796
    1Calibration CD591-137
    1"Techniques for Equine Reproduction" Book537-342