• Add IgG testing to existing 590a Densimeter
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    The 590a Densimeter may be upgraded to measure both sperm concentrations and foal IgG levels. Once loaded, the operator may choose between sperm concentration and foal IgG measurements by simply selecting the desired operation. Current 590a owners may purchase the 590a Densimeter Foal IgG Upgrade which includes the IgG calibration CD, users guide, and handy Foal IgG poster. 

    A Foal IgG Test Supply Kit is required and purchased separately. Each kit provides enough supplies to test 10 foals.

    Quantity   DescriptionPart Number
    1Foal IgG Test Supply Kit IGG-101-KIT
    1Foal IgG Calibration CD537-135-0107
    1Disposable Pipettor Tips (Racked)   591A-135-21
    1Foal IgG PosterIGG-101-POST

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